Rob of Chaos Digest on the truth that hurts

Indra Nooyi, CEO(Chief Executive Officer) and CFO(Chief Financial Officer) of PepsiCo “addressed the Columbia business school”: recently, and the “Powerline zombies”: are none too pleased about the content. Rob of Chaos Digest “explains why the truth hurts”: so bad to them.

I guess it’s easy to “give a little to get a little” and work within the spirit of cooperation when times are easy. When times get tough, people tend to fall back of force and coercion, even though that’s really often a less effective strategy for getting things done (e.g. spreading the values of freedom and equality). We have to resist this urge, no matter how overpowering it may seem and no matter how infernal our anger is. Fear, hate, and aggression propel us on the path to the Dark Side, and this Dark Side is uglier than any that George Lucas can dream up (although he’s done well).

We’ll be feeling the consequences for Bush’s anger, arrogance, and coercion for years to come. However, we need to stem the bleeding and start healing now.

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