A trip down memory lane of drug development

Derek Lowe has some “nostalgia”:http://www.corante.com/pipeline/archives/2005/05/16/days_of_silicon_and_roses.php of the promise of “rational drug development” — where drugs are discovered through an algorithm rather than through trial and (mostly) error. Of course, trial and error is still with us, and drug costs are higher than ever. So what happened? Indeed, what did happen?

Fortunately, biology and chemistry are still working together to produce drugs, just as they did when we were chewing willow bark for pain relief.

Job security for biostatistician: the knowledge that it will be a long, long time before we move from requiring thousands of pages of summary statistics and p-values to support a marketing application for a drug. By the time anything changes on that end, I’ll either have retired, or will have changed interests.

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