Insight of the day: liberals don’t like Bush’s foreign policy

Today, I was holding my breath till my face turned blue. Then I found “this commentary by David Limbaugh”: that made everything clear:

Democrats are trying to undermine Bush’s foreign policy.

Here are some other things I learned, and I’m breathing easier for it:
* A slight majority in an election is a “trouncing,” at least if it’s a Republican majority.
* Democrats are acting as if they didn’t lose in the 2004 elections, and are a “militant minority.”
* Democrats don’t really care about Bolton, and wouldn’t throw him to the wolves if they didn’t have to. But damn, some decisions are hard to make.
* Joe Biden is narcissistic (well, ok, I might grant him that, but why single out Biden? There are 99 other Senators).
* Democrats don’t like Bolton because he wants to carry out Bush’s foreign policy.
* People appointed by Bush to carry out Bush’s foreign policy is unprecedented.
* Democrats have anti-American inertia, as well as the subordinates who have spoken out or who might speak out against Bolton.
* Democrats have said that Bush cherry-picked intelligence to support his policy objectives (and other members of the Bush administration as well).
* It was expedient for Democrats to vote for war against Iraq based on cherry-picked intelligence. _Ergo_, Democrats cherry-picked intelligence, too.
* Democrats are demanding that we contradict intelligence that we gather in the future.
* Democrats are trying to affect foreign policy.

I guess I got all the knowledge I need now.

Stay tuned for next week, when Limbaugh explains how Democrats will run against Republicans in 2006 and 2008. Oh, wait, he already did that.

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