Yet another global warming study to end all global warming studies

“Here it is”: Yawn.

I have a proposition: drop the global warming bullshit. It detracts from the real issue: air pollution is screwing things up. Global warming is debatable, and will never be proven beyond any doubt (with this study or any other). An argument over global warming (whether the Earth is heating up, whether humans are causing it, and what it means) is just like an argument over which religion is right. You can’t win it.

And you don’t need global warming to be right to encourage the actions that might cut it down. Let me give you a scenario: what if you got Kyoto in place in the U.S. and enacted tough clean air laws, and the global temperature still rose? What then? And it’s not a terribly unrealistic scenario.

There are zillions of reasons to cut air pollution/greenhouse gas emissions, and there are enough people with respiratory problems and inflammations to make quite a political force. Smog and ozone problems are issues that a lot of people feel much more than they feel the half degree difference between now and 1950. Not to mention that people in the Midwest probably are wondering what happened to global warming.

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