Whose war on individuality?

Neal Boortz has for a long time been reciting the mantra that the “secret agenda”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200504/04262005.html#agenda of the Democrats is a war on individuality. Sometimes he brings up a line by Ted Kennedy about fighting “rabid individualism” or something like that.

I have a few questions.

# “Who”:http://www.ibiblio.org/smiley/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=273 is allowing pharmacists to insert themselves into other people’s medical decisions and get away with it?
# “Who”:http://stinging-nettle.blogspot.com/2005_04_01_stinging-nettle_archive.html#111452687850208796 is trying to decide for everybody in this nation which relationships are legitimate and which are not?
# “Who”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200504/04252005.html#filibusters is trying to end the filibuster rules, bringing us closer to mob rule? Bonus question: who is citing any opposition as an “attack on people of faith”?
# “Who”:http://www.apostropher.com/blog/archives/002438.html tried to insert themselves into a family’s decision about whether to remove someone from life support? With a freakin’ act of Congress?
# “Who”:http://www.apostropher.com/blog/archives/002454.html is taking $300 billion — that’s with a “B” — of your money and putting it toward a war of dubious efficacy and questionable support? Bonus question: who’s dogs call you a hate-filled sicko and say that America has never seen the likes of your hate if you express opposition to the war?

Neal, I ask you, who is *really* fighting the war against the individual?

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