Only English speakers are good parents

A judge has ordered a woman to “learn English”: in order to attend a parental custody hearing.

From the editorial:

bq. Tatum has acknowledged that he has delivered ”Learn English” requirements in other cases, but he has said that the orders carry ”no repercussions in terms of termination of parental rights.” After Tatum issues a ”Learn English” requirement to another mom in January, the judge said he was looking out for the well-being and the civil rights of the child.

So, exactly, what repercussions does not learning English in six months carry? What law gives this guy the authority to inflict an English proficiency course on people? Can he throw people in jail for not learning English? “Oh, I can’t talk to you, so I’m going to let you rot in the clinker?”

I have an idea. Let’s give this guy six months to learn Chinese to the equivalent of fourth grade proficiency or face disbarrment.

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