Black boxes and drug education

So Celebrex™ will receive the dreaded black box warning, which is supposed to be the strongest warning available to be placed on drugs on the market. But, really, how “effective is the black box”: Does it really get the point across, or does it go unheeded?

Here’s a problem with drug education. The manufacturer has the best information on a particular product, but they are obviously going to cast the most favorable light on the compound and give only as little limelight as humanly possible to adverse drug reactions. There seems to be a culture of beliefs that telling the full truth will cut down on profits, despite the fact that side effects will show up after the drug is on the market. (I wonder if companies told the whole truth, and doctors as well, if that wouldn’t cut down on the lawsuits or at least damages awarded in lawsuits.) Yeah, sure, there will be more people who decide that the risks outweigh the benefits, but I’d personally rather have customers who understand what they are getting into than ones who are simply painted the color of money.

I guess I’m different.

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