Maybe they should reassess

The freepers have posted a “memo”:, found at that bastion of truth “Newsmax”:, that says that a neurological assessment of Terri Schiavo comes back as “partially blind.” I wonder what they would say “now.”:

Read the ??Washington Post?? article. It gives a very brief timeline of Terri Schiavo’s story, and, assuming the information therein is factual (and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, given that many different courtrooms have seen this by now), I have to say that Michael Schiavo is a very thoughtful, patient man in a very tragic situation. And having his vegetative wife unwittingly made into the poster child of the “pro-life” movement and everything right-wing only adds insult to injury.

I only wish it were considered ethical to administer potassium bromide in these circumstances. However, the national debate won’t move in that direction, and the fringe-become-mainstream right is going to steer it in another direction.

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