Fundamentalist hypocrisy, again

I’m probably the last person in the blogosphere (or at least the subset who’s still commenting on Schiavo stories) to blog this, but some nutjob was arrested for “trying to steal a rob a gun store to get rescue Terri”: Hypocrisy noted at the linked page.

I don’t know whether this hypocrisy is typical of fundamentalist thought (in fact, some definitions of fundamentalism including resorting to violence to get other people to subscribe to your theology), but there is certainly a sizable minority who’d be willing to kill a lot of innocent people to save Schiavo. They think they are getting the Lady, but it is definitely the Tiger.

Fetuses are valued, but doctors who happen to perform abortions are not. Brain damaged women with feeding tubes removed are “valued”: over … “brain damaged women with feeding tubes removed”:, “lawmakers and judges”: (“bugmenot registration here”:, and gun store owners who are not “on God’s side.”

In this, it’s hard to remember that this trap is easy to fall into. Some of us are willing to shoot the abortion clinic bombers, but where does that get us? We might wish death upon the people who call up lawmakers and wish stomach cancer upon them, but how does this advance civilization? And what are we doing to ourselves in the process. Somehow, the Schiavo case has elicited violent responses from the pro-life crowd (or at least the more extreme and outspoken elements of it), but this cycle of violence has to end somewhere. If not me, then who?

So, whether you are a tree-hugging liberal or right-wing nutcase, maybe it’s time to figure out what good can come of this anger. We know violence can only lead to more violence and pain and suffering, but if the anger behind the violence is harnessed and directed into a positive cause, maybe it will lead to stronger people.

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