Boortz on Schiavo

Boortz has a “column over at Townhall”: that’s sure to piss off his fellow “non-liberal talk-show hosts.” You see, Boortz believes that Schiavo should be “allowed” to die. This is not a bad way of looking at Terry’s situation.

Now, for a long time, I thought that Schiavo should be kept alive. Boortz’s column didn’t change my mind, but it did clarify one thing for me: keeping someone alive is not necessarily the most moral or the most religiously sound option. The blindness of the hard-line right-to-life movement (along with their ridiculous connection of the Schiavo case with abortion) shows us all how things turn out when you apply a principle (however lofty) without thought or compassion.

At the same time, the case has exposed some serious flaws in our legal system. Somehow, the courts have decided that the most humane option is to starve this woman to death. Condemned criminals get better treatment than that, and we don’t know how much pain this woman feels from starvation. Let’s give her her last rites, feed her a healthy dose of potassium bromide, and let her move on peacefully.


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