The ‘F’ word

No, not the one that Cheney said to “Sen. Patrick Leahy”: on the Senate floor during last year’s Senate photo shoot. No, this one is the Flu, as in “I have the flu.” Really, it could be called the “I” word, but the “F” word is much more what I feel like right now. However, apparently there is a medication that one can take after getting the flu called “Tamiflu”: produced by “Roche”: Here’s the “product information”: on the compound. (Note: I’m assuming this fulfills Roche’s obligations under U.S. regulations and may or may not be appropriate under regulations of other governments.)

Coughs, headaches, nausea, vomiting? Well, I already have all that except the vomiting[1]. And the median 1.3 days more of “mild” or “none” for the symptoms is worth the risk. And maybe even the $30 copay. Bring on the Tamiflu.

F this.

fn1. I don’t vomit from illness. The last time I vomited from illness was when I was 13. My appendix was ruptured, and I thought for a little while that the severe nausea was due to food poisoning. So I stuck my finger down my throat and vomited deliberately. Of course, that didn’t work, as the only cure for my condition was to be emergency surgery.

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