Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder …

“Robust McManlyPants”:http://www.robustmcmanlypants.org/blog notes that teens who take an abstinence pledge typically engage in “riskier sexual activities”:http://www.robustmcmanlypants.org/blog/archives/archive_2005-m03.php#e368 than teens who take no such pledge. Now that the neocons are in control of education, we see exactly how effective their social engineering programs are.

If we are going to have programs that

# help our children deal with sexual issues, and
# help our children deal with the consequences of their decisions on sex

then I damn sure want an effective program in place. I have both selfish and unselfish reasons for this. First, for their sakes, I want them to have whatever self confidence and wisdom they need to deal with a common life issue that everybody except ascetics face. Second, I have to pay the taxes that fund these programs. Finally, I’d really rather have programs designed by people who are in touch with what is effective, rather than going blindly from principles (no matter how good or bad those principles may be).

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