Found in my site report:
|IP Address|Time|Page Views|Visit Length|
|166.114.30.#|10:22:00 am|455|608:48|

# The machine at 166.114.30.# belongs to a spammer
# The machine at 116.114.30.# is a bot and should be shut down
# The machine at 116.114.30.# has been PWNED

In any case, someone need to take it off the net.

By the way, I don’t list referrers anymore. Not that referrer spam on this site did any spammers any good since it didn’t help Google rankings one whit, but I really got tired of keeping my blacklist up to date and I got sick of seeing it.

And, thanks to ibiblio, spammers can’t leave comments. Nor can anyone else. Never mind that I did manage to successfully block every spamment.

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