Yoga blogging

I haven’t done my yoga blogging in a couple of months now. I’ve had plenty to say, but I just haven’t said it. I have had other circumstances dragging my mood down in the last few months, and yoga has been one of those bright spots that keeps me strong.

Well, I’ve started doing five “_surya namaskar_(sun salutations)”: in the morning as soon as I get up. I do this so I can remember the source from where I draw energy and motivation. Four or five times a week, I do an evening practice, too.

Tonight, I practiced under a teacher who hasn’t seen me in a couple of months, and he really noticed a big difference. I think the most significant part of the difference is that I’m motivated to become a teacher in a few years, and I have realized that difficult poses are really just different ways of expressing the basic principles of alignment. Oh, and I’m more limber at night. It also helps that I can manage “_visvamitrasana_(pose dedicated to the sage Visvamitra)”:, even if barely. 😉

At any rate, the Johnson household in a state of tumult (some good, some not so good). It’s good to have a foundation to fall back on when times are crazy.

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