Miscellanea from the last few days

I got “quoted over at Daily Kos”:http://dailykos.com/story/2005/2/25/185913/104. Apparently someone over at “_Time Magazine_’s favorite blog of the year”:http://www.powerlineblog.com got a crystal ball and found out what (hypothetical) Senate Democrats (might) argue should a particular person be nominated to a Supreme Court vacancy that doesn’t yet exist. Or something.

All the COX-2 inhibitors can remain on the market at the respective sponsors’ discretions. However, they will have to carry strong warnings about the risk of heart problems. This is probably as it should be. There is no way that 20 million people should be taking Vioxx™, but _someone_ will benefit when older NSAID(Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) compounds cause gastrointestinal bleeding and other COX-2 inhibitors are inappropriate for safety or efficacy.

I spent most of last week lazing around the house and preparing for my daughter’s second birthday party. It was a much-needed break, though I was a little stressed because I haven’t hosted a party in years. Then again, I was hosting a party for a bunch of toddlers, so as long as there were snacks and things to play with (and adequate babyproofing), there really wasn’t much that could go wrong. The party was quite a success, and I got to meet a few of Abby’s playmates from preschool. (I’ve already met the viruses from the preschool.)

I began a new job yesterday. I just get that swimmy feeling when I begin a new job. It’s all that information that I have to absorb, but leaks onto the floor so I start having to swim to avoid sinking.

Right-wingers are all giddy over the developments in Lebanon and Egypt. I remain skeptical. I believe there are elements in both countries that want democracy. However, repressive governments have their way of, well, being repressive even in the face of popular unrest. And deceptive. Why do you think they call it the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China? There’s nothing democratic or republican about these places (as in the forms of government, not the parties). The only reason those governments care about people is that they need people to rule.

Well, those lessons aren’t lost on me when a country makes a hand-waving gesture toward democracy. Neither is the current political maneuverings of Vladimir Putin of Russia. I hope Mubarak’s and Lebanon’s movements are real, but I don’t expect them to be.

Bush went to Europe to mend fences. Or something. I didn’t pay much attention to it, because I don’t expect much to come from it except for a few grandstanding statements here or there. If you want those, go find some of those links I dropped off my Blogroll. (Hint: they’re mostly the “I hate Bush but I stand behind him 100%” conservatives.)

Osama wants his A-hole-in-chief to hit the U.S. Are we going to get a different color code now?

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