An intriguing perspective on our health care topic

“The Pope”: has a different viewpoint on healthcare, which I think is worth considering.

Sometimes on the yoga mat, I have to deal with an injury, whether it be a bruised toe, a pulled muscle, or something perhaps even more serious. Rather than be annoyed or even skip my practice, I have to learn to work with that injury and even learn about myself in the process. I was violently ill a few weeks ago, and I took that as an opportunity to learn to focus my mind on my breath, or, if I couldn’t even manage my breath, then on noises around me or, as a last resort, of the feeling in my stomach. I learned a bit about meditation that week, and it helped me through and on into a more healthy period.

The Pope is making the same message on a much greater scale, and I think the world will be better off taking it into consideration.

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