Separation of church and military

Probably by now, you’ve had your “skin crawl”: by the “symbolism inherent in a recent military recruitment session in a church”:

Flags come before Jesus. Protect your faith with an M-16. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Now I understand that people stand on different parts of the conservative/liberal/faithful/atheist continua, and there are extremists for any combination of beliefs, but gee whiz. Let’s not get carried away. Can we at least not project the image that we are scaring people that armies of Muslims are going to march on them, take away their Bibles, and convert them to homosexuals unless they enlist in the Marines and carry a big ass gun with them all the time? Oh, and John Kerry of course wants to stand at the door to let them in.

And if you happen to be a Marine, please tell your commanding officer that the display at Porter Memorial Baptist church just might scare reasonable people away and attract more nutjobs to the armed forces. And, now think for a moment, is that _really_ what you want? Get a little bit beyond the temptation of loyal nutjobs ready to do your killing and really contemplate the scariness of platoons of extremist weirdos with odd ideas of salvation and redemption and who know how to kill quickly?

And to the people at Porter Memorial Baptist: do you normally allow guest speakers to cover your cross with their own symbols? Just asking.

(Via “Apostropher”: and “Robust McManlyPants”:

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