High school students: talk is too cheap

A recent “survey,”:http://apnews.myway.com/article/20050131/D87V8BDG0.html noted that high school students do not believe in the First Amendment. “Chaos Digest”:http://chaosdigest.blogspot.com/ “blogged this,”:http://chaosdigest.blogspot.com/2005_01_01_chaosdigest_archive.html#110720832315393879 and I’d like to note the comment of a commenter named _haydesigner_:

bq. And, of course, when we have the last 3 administrations as political role models, and the UN as a peace role model, and civil wars/drug wars/genocide/holy wars/random invasions/flouting of basic human rights as international role models (with virtually NO outcry, from the media, politicians or the academia)… it really is no surprise.

The rest of his comment is spot-on, and I recommend you read the article, the blog entry, and the comments. Our mismanagement in government and education has consequences, and you only need open your eyes and ears to know what those consequences are.

Something tells me that a mere change of administration isn’t going to do very much, though it would be a start. To change things from top-down, we have to change our attitude about government. The current attitude seems to be to ride the prosperity of our country’s past greatness until it crashes. Tip our hat to the Constitution even as we chip away at the freedoms it _protects_ (not grants) with our actions. Go to Walmart while those in power tip the scales further in the direction of their corporate friends. Shoot up the narcotic of capitalism and materialism gone awry, and, while our souls are numb to the pain and horror outside, let our politicians kill, torture, and steal to get ahead.

That’s the mandate that comes with 51% of the vote.

Oh, and one more thing I noticed about the survey. Students were much more lenient on musicians than on the press. Except their own student newspapers.


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  1. Yeah, that haydesigner guy rulez!
    Oh wait, that was me…(joker)
    ‘preciate the kind words and support.
    And trust me, I wish my comments were wrong.
    I really do.

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