How did you find me?

Out of morbid curiosity, I every once in a while look at which search terms people use to find this site. Here are some of the results.

h4. Most popular searches
* Unbelievable photos
* Random topics
* Virginity for sale
* Barak Obama (though this has abated, for obvious reasons, since the election)
* Getting high legally

h4. Other searches
* No name calling week
* High school sex (I hope searchers are not expecting to find a porn site)
* A collection of yoga searches: _pincha mayurasana_, anyone

I hope you enjoy getting high legally. It takes more time and effort than purchasing and taking drugs, but it is safer and has the potential to be much more rewarding. I’ve commented on the other popular searches “here.”:

If you’re one of the yoga searchers, well, why don’t you leave a comment with some good yoga links? I hope you find my ramblings useful.

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