The joy of (high school) sex

(The filing of this entry under “science and progress” is a technicality. It’s because there’s a peer-reviewed journal article involved.)

We used to create graphs like “these”: all the time back in “high school.”: In college, we didn’t bother, but there were many drunken conversations about who “shared rooms in hell.” Now someone has managed to get an article in a peer-reviewed journal by doing it.

A couple of things of note:
* There’s only one male-male pair in the graph that I saw. That’s called, let’s say it all together, “under-reporting.”
* Surprisingly, there’s only one female-female pair in the graph. It’s in the first network to the right of the big one (you know, the one that encompasses 52% of the students). They also shared a boy. Whether all this occurred at the same time is left to the imagination.
* The maximum valence for a pink edge (i.e. the most number of reported boys a girl dated) is 6. A couple dated five. One studmuffin boy dated 8. Though the number dating at least 3 is fairly large.

The full story is “here.”:

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