Maybe we should have a “hurl insults week,” too

I don’t get conservatives sometimes. Critics of a “No-name-calling”: week initiative are so concerned that it sends the wrong message (_i.e._ that rejecting homosexuality is abnormal). Whether the program is effective and promotes tolerance is secondary.

Even the creators of the program want a debate about its merits and agree that having a one-week token program is silly and probably counterproductive. I will also say that gays and those prejudiced against gays alike need to be loved and respected as human beings, even if you can’t agree with their philosophies/lifestyle choices/orientations/whatever. It seems that the no-name-calling week initiative, if implemented correctly, provides a healthier way of dealing with these differences (for example, clearing the middle school air from the word “faggot,” which, by the way, is not meant just for gays but for every male who puts a toe over the line of a strict and unknowable code of “male conduct” ) than whining about the program under the guise of being a conservative.

So far, the only strategy I’ve seen from conservatives for dealing with prejudice and its ugly forms of expression is to whine when someone else proposes to do something about it.

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