Getting high legally, high-tech meditation, etc.

Here is a “list of ways to get high legally.”: Most of these include music that inspire altered states. (I already own one of them: the _Brainwave Suite_ by Jeffrey Thompson, which I’m listening to right now as we speak.)

While these altered states are fun (and it seems to take a little work to get into them well and use them very well), I’m viewing them as a way to health (via stress relief, __e.g.__), insight, and eventually, enlightenment. Of course, these methods aren’t the only way, as yogis and meditators have been attaining these states of mind for centuries. Also, these states of mind can be dangerous, as I found out last week when I was able to force myself into a state of flow but ended up feeling depleted, drained, and incapable of dealing with even the smallest issues after about an hour. However, when used properly, you can think in terms of meditation gone high-tech.

I recommend the _Brainwave Suite_, and “other CDs by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.”: (And no, they aren’t paying me to advertise!)

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