Yoga blogging: swimming kicked my butt

So I finally got a membership to the local sports center. They have a cardio room, pool (playing and lap), ice rink, and multi-purpose rooms for movement classes. I thought I’d try a few laps in the lap pool. (I want to start doing that a few times a week to get some endurance workout.) I thought I could take a modest amount of swimming, because heck, I’m somewhat active, right? I can take an hour and a half of rather intense yoga.

Well, after a hundred yards my butt was kicked. Even after I got home, I was somewhat winded. To be sure, if I haven’t been doing yoga these last couple of years I would be completely wiped out after 50 yards.

Yes, lap swimming has definitely been added to my list of activities, now that I can do it for free at just about any time. (Well, not free. I still have to pay for the membership.)

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