These colors will save us!

I really don’t know what to make of “this.”: Seems to me if there’s a great push to get vending machines out of schools, then merely decorating them with red, yellow, and green (presumably corresponding to choices that should be selected rarely, occasionally, and frequently, respectively) isn’t going to convince anybody otherwise. I mean, what the hell are schools doing putting red foods into the vending machines anyway? Now, I haven’t been inside a high school for quite some time, but if high school vending machines are in any way like other vending machines, then most of the foods probably deserve the red label anyway. I mean, I haven’t seen much life sustenance coming out of a vending machine, unless it’s one of those sandwich ones you find in hospitals where cafe workers may not be available when a poor doctor needs to eat on a two minute break in the middle of the night. (Or a “new dad”: anytime.)

The more I see of public schools, the more I’m resolved not to send my children to them.

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