Doom! Apocalypse! Armageddon! Götterdämmerung!

If we cut down on pollution, we’re … “doomed?”:

I must admit, I’ve never really bought into this global warming fad. To some people, it’s a obvious fact in no further need of discussion. The tales of the consequences are terrific — floods, widespread disease, famine, panic. What is not explained is how heating up one or two degrees, if it’s really going on (and I hear that it’s really at most half a degree), is any worse than the apparent ice ages that dot our history. At any rate, the jury is still out on global climate change, and I’m sure these findings will either be completely discredited by Kyoto proponents or just simply cause more confusion.

I see nothing wrong with cutting down pollution, and in fact I’d really like to see it done. I believe the sooner we get this planet running on clean energy (and perhaps evaluating our honest energy needs in the process) the sooner we’ll see a great decline in respiratory illness and perhaps a lot of different forms of cancer. But as for the whole global warming idea (or climate change, or whatever you call it), well, I still have a hard time believing in the tales of great woe, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

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