The emperor has no clothes

“It’s official.”: Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, nor the capability of producing them. Bush has, ahem, appointed a commission to investigate why the intelligence was, er, wrong. Um, yeah.

Given that all the reasons to invade Iraq are crumbling, I wonder how long it will take all the conservative “I support Bush because of the War in Iraq even though everything else is going to Hell” crowd to acknowledge that they have no reason to support Bush. Then again, it seems that being a conservative, Republican, liberal, Democrat, or even libertarian or Libertarian is like being stuck in a tar pit. You stick in a toe, get stuck, and, as you try to get unstuck, you get even more firmly trapped.

As I’ve commented elsewhere (“Robust McManlypants’s blog,”: maybe?), this could be the reason behind “apathy” in politics. It’s not apathy, but people starting to donate their energies where they think it will make a difference. Now that yet another layer of the Bush legacy has been exposed, how many more people are going to realize what’s going on?

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