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Some things are happening on the technology front. Well, something is _always_ happening on the technology front because humankind is in a vicious eternal pursuit to solve the little problems that crop up. But, there are some things I’ve noted from this teeny time period..

* IBM is allowing “500 patents to be used for open source efforts.”:;_ylt=An7vIidkvJw.lLxRxmuk.K0E1vAI/*http%3A//* The importance of this is that IBM is trying to prove that a company can use their patents to spur technological innovation and make profits without having to jealously guard every last secret and punish anyone using this technology unlicensed in their basements. This is definitely something to watch. I hope it works.
* Apple is putting on their “grand show”: Steve Jobs’s keynote speech starts at noon EST today, though we don’t get a cast of it until later. I’ll definitely be checking the Mac news web for any crazy announcements. I haven’t been keeping my eye on the rumor sites, because, really, how interesting can it be to hear the story, “I found out what Jobs will be introducing at Macworld! Oh, damn. It’s a hoax.”
* “Omnioutliner 3 is out.”: Cool. Too bad I really can’t use my Mac much these days. Omnioutliner was my third most used program, right after Safari and And you know, there really isn’t an equivalent on Windows XP. I mean, there are alternatives such as the folding features on Vim and Emacs, or the outlining feature in Word, or Brainforest and even some “”: projects, but none come even close to the elegance of OO. Sigh.
* Will Microsoft please release their patches to those “extremely critical my computer will melt down, leave lewd messages on my boss’s voicemail in my voice, and then take out half the state” security vulnerabilities already?
* Expert read the “tea leaves”: on the overlap between technology, terrorism, society, and politics.

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