Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People

I read this book to see what this hype is all about. The comments I’ve heard on it weren’t so much about its content, but the fact that someone had to write it. Well, the book evolved out of a course that Carnegie had organized for a number of years, which grew out of a great need for people to be reminded how to deal with other people.

This book can be summarized with the phrase, “Praise, and be sincere.” Of course, Carnegie unpacks this phrase with lots of practical advice and principles for dealing with people. If you are studying the self help and success literature, the principles in this book fit right in and I think that you’ll easily see how the ideas from self help can be applied to your business and personal relationships. If you’re not studying the self help literature, well a serious application of the principles in this book will still improve your interactions and probably your relationships with people.

I’ve hardly finished the book, and the principles are helping me already even though I have only established a vague plan for them.

Highly recommended.

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