Let me say this again: there is no safe drug

Aspirin and its salicylate cousins may be common over the counter drugs in use for many years, and acetamenophen and ibuprofen may be stand-bys in the medicine cabinet. But “they have risks.”:http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/node/6596 Potentially serious ones. Popping an ibuprofen every once in a while to dampen the occasional headache or toothache might not be a huge deal, but sustained use might cause you big problems.

Remember, if God/Mother Nature/evolution had required these compounds for life, you would probably have an inborn biological pathway to produce them yourself.


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  1. Acetaminophen (main ingredient of Tylenol) is a well-known component of acute liver failure. At high doses (approx. 8 extra strength capsules) it can damage or destroy your liver. Taking it after a period of drinking, say to ward off hangover, is very dangerous and actually increases the liver risk at lower doses. Fasting before binge dinking increases the risk even more. Since there is poor definition of toxicity for most people, alcohol and acetaminopen should never be combined. Even moderate drinkers or binge drinkers are at serious risk.

  2. Thanks for point this out (and correcting my misspelling). All medications, alcohol included, should be treated with a healthy respect, and, if possible, should not be mixed unless a medical professional recommends it (and even then, having worked with pharmaceuticals for a few years, I’m pretty skeptical when a doctor recommends it).

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