Sick over the holidays

Is there some research that says that people tend to get sick over the holidays? I hear that a possible cause is that people are suppressing response to illness while at work, and when the holidays come the body says that it’s time to kick in the inflammation/immune/fever response.

Whatever it is, it sucks.

However, it’s the only part of the holidays that’s been bad. I was nervous about serving two sets of family, but we fed them adequately (and even a little richly). My parents stayed the night, which is the first time they’ve ever stayed the night at _my_ place since I moved out for good. The house isn’t too trashed after entertaining many guests, we didn’t get hit by the massive snow that struck for a second time about 50 miles east of here, and my wife and I got to go ice skating despite trying and failing for about three years!

So, this illness is only a small blip on an otherwise great holiday.

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