Sometimes, the bear gets you

What a terrible day it has been. Here’s a list of several of the top headlines on my “local news page (for 12/17/2004):”:
* Killers Steal Fetus From Body Of Slain Pregnant Woman
* Traffic Moving Again After I-95 Accident Near Rocky Mount
* Robeson County Boy Shot In Head
* Thief Takes Charity Donation Boxes In Johnston County
* Wilson Mother Accused Of Selling Her Teen Daughter For Sex
* More Security Planned At Johnston County School After Brawl
* Police Looking For Man Suspected Of Groping Women In Mall
* UNCW Officials Release Evidence In Student Murder Case

Likewise, in the pharma industry, a recent National Cancer Institute study shows that Pfizer’s _Celebrex_, chemically related to Merck’s fallen drug _Vioxx_, may “cause heart problems”:* after all. _Celebrex_ will remain on the market for the time being because another study said that the risk of heart problems is not greater. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Astrazeneca has its own share of problems, what with _Crestor_ in Public Citizen’s sights, and “_Exanta_ and _Iressa_ in trouble.”:

And if that weren’t enough, Lilly unearthed some “safety issues”: with _Straterra_ and had to add a warning to its label.

As it turns out, safety issues are waiting to turn up for any drug, including aspirin. That all these safety issues had to hit at once made for some serious ulcers in the biopharm section of Wall Street.

Life will continue.

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