Friday yoga blogging: back to the basics, and full speed ahead

It’s not that I haven’t been doing yoga for the last month or so, or even that that I haven’t gained insight from doing so. I *have* been doing yoga, and I *have* gained insight, but my blogging has been on the backburner recently. I even have an as of yet unpublished post, still incomplete.


At one point, I was doing “_adho mukha vrksasana_,(Handstand)”: with a partner, and she was not able to hold me upright. She suggested an adjustment (a simple heart melt), and then we did the pose just fine, and even the variation I was to perform (bending backwards and placing my hand on someone doing “_adho mukha svanasana_.(Downward-facing dog) “: It was a simple adjustment — a basic adjustment — that made the whole difference.

Later in the practice, I was trying a pose whose name I have forgotten (English and Sanskrit). In this pose, you start from a lunge, say with your left foot forward and right foot back. Bring both hands to the floor to the right of your left foot. Place your left shoulder under your left leg, and bring the left foot over to the right. Grab the left foot with your right hand, and extend overhead.

The first time I tried it about a year and a half ago, I got my shoulder to my left leg. Today when I tried it, I got my shoulder to my left leg, and managed to take my left foot over to the right. However, my foot would not left no matter how much effort I put into it. I decided to leave it at that.

Then we tried the other side, and before doing the pose I made sure that my thighs were spun inward, that my tail bone was turning downward toward my groin, and that my heart was melted. I was then able to grab my foot and extend overhead from my hips! Here I was, doing a somewhat advanced pose that only the yoga teachers in the class were doing! And it was just because I made sure I had the basics in line.

I heard a line a few months ago that the best basketball coaches in the country teach basics to the best basketball players in the country. The next time something is hard, make sure you have the basics in line, and go from there.

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