Friday yoga blogging: milestones and the best bad week I’ve ever had

*Note*: I originally wrote this entry on 12-2-2004, but never finished it. I’ll make my final point and post it.

Physical milestones can come quickly if you really work at them. Running a mile, running a mile without getting out of breath, managing to get into “_uttanasana_,(standing forward bend)”:, even managing to get into something crazy like “_padmasana_,(lotus pose)”: are relatively easy to attain. You make a plan, practice, and stick to it.

What is not so easy is quieting the mind anytime you feel like it. I’ve known about the idea for years, and have been trying it in the past two years. In the past few months, I’ve been even more successful. But it’s not come easy. I’ve had a lot of practice over the years of letting my mind wander, and have even let it wander many times down dark paths. On many occasions, this has led to situations far worse than circumstances would otherwise dictate. It’s going to take a lot of effort and time to unlearn this pattern of behavior.

And after that, the goal will be tougher: the principle of non-reaction. This idea takes the “magic quarter second” discussed in “this book(Emotional Alchemy)”: and applies it toward the goal of not reacting immediately to anything. This allows time to evaluate a situation for the appropriate reaction.

12-20-2004 note: By no means have I learned the principle of non-reaction (_vairgya_). However, this is the best bad week I’ve had, because I haven’t reacted _as quickly_ as I used to, and I’ve recovered _more quickly_ from bad reactions than I used to. And I’m happy to have passed this milestone, because my family’s week has been a bit better than it could have been.

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