RINOs, but no DINOs?

Somewhat frequently, I hear the term RINO(Republican In Name Only) bandied about, for example, in reference to “Arlen Specter”:http://michellemalkin.com/archives/000817.htm Obviously, this term was created to whip more moderate Republicans and keep them in line with the “mainstream Republican” principles, whatever those may be.

Question: how often is the term DINO(Democrat In Name Only) used? The “Apostropher”:http://www.apostropher.com/ has noted (in private conversation, can’t link to that) that Mike Easley (Democrat governor of NC) would be considered a Republican in some states and actually is fiscally conservative compared to even some of the Republicans in the General Assembly. (Actually, Clinton was fiscally conservative compared to Bush, but that’s many other blog entries.) However, I haven’t heard anyone refer to him as a DINO(Democrat in Name Only).


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  1. The Democratic/Republican division isn’t about fiscal issues. It’s about social issues. Easley isn’t anti-abortion, and honestly, that’s the real fault line between the parties. Specter isn’t either and that’s pretty much apostasy. They tolerate Giuliani and Schwarzenegger because they can’t win the mayorships of big cities with anti-abortion candidates, but those guys would get deep-sixed in statewide primaries unless crossover voting was allowed.

  2. Yeah, I guess Schwarzenegger never had to go through a primary because of CA’s recall process. Maybe I’ve been ignoring the abortion issue because I think it’s a stupid one to base party divisions on (though not a stupid one to discuss — there is a difference). But you’re right … there isn’t much division based on fiscal issues anymore, and anyone who doesn’t see that after George W. Bush’s spending spree lives under a rock. (I imagine W himself lives under a rock.)

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