The Pentagon’s “CENTCOM”: updates us on an Iraqi youth center rigged with explosives. The detonation seemed to hinge on three triggers: a light switch, a remote control, and wiring to a nearby mosque. There are several interpretations:
* the “insurgents” are thugs intent on blowing up Iraqi civilians — youths, no less
* the “insurgents” wanted to blow up the children and make it look like U.S. forces did it
* the “insurgents” wanted to blow up U.S. forces by luring them into a youth center

Of course, the Pentagon is going with the first interpretation, or maybe even the second one. Indeed, the “insurgents” are willing to kill Iraqi civilians to destabilize the country in time for January elections (my interpretation of course, but a somewhat educated one). However, I think it is dangerous to lock ourselves into one way of thinking about the strategies or motivations of the enemy, especially in a war with weak (if any) moral ground and shaky support at home.

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